Monday, February 28, 2011

Update on Grandma

In case you haven't heard...Grandma has recovered from her stroke with miraculous speed.  The day after her stroke, we did not think she would be walking again very soon, if ever, but then 3 days later she was up and moving!  She went home the Monday after and did not need In-patient rehab - wow! that was not what we were preparing for.  Grandma and Grandpa are both doing well, and now looking for a new place to live that might be a little safer for them (without stairs) and closer to either my mom, or my aunt.

Thank you for all of your prayers!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This new semester has brought many changes for Scott and I.  As I mentioned before, Scott started out with an internship at Parkview.  That didn't last very long--it was basically slave labor and he was a glorified maintenance man for which he was driving an hour to get to and not getting paid.  He gave that up fairly quickly, and began searching for other options.  Scott talked a family friend into letting him on as an intern for his small computer store that fixes computers similar to A+ computers.  He has really enjoyed working here, he is learning a lot and actually able to put some of his learned skills to good use.  When the store is not busy, he is able to use the time to work on homework.  The best part is that he is home every night by 5:30, so we are actually getting to see each other more than just the weekend this semester! :)

As for me, I have started a new round of classes, I am still enjoying my job with the kids.. I started out working a lot more this semester, however the weather has given me several days off recently which has been bad for the income, but great for my homework situation.

As many of you, I am sure have heard by now, my Grandma Quance (Mom's mom) has been in the hospital since Tuesday evening, suffering from a stroke.  Rather than one big stroke that affects a large portion of the brain; it appears that suffered several small strokes in different areas of the brain (Which, explained in more detail by my brother the med student, is a good thing.)  She is fortunately stabilized now, but is struggling to gain use of her left side.  Her vision is extremely limited, and there will be a lot of rehab in her future.  She should hopefully be moving out of the ICU very soon, and be able to be transferred to a rehabilitation hospital.  She is not doing well, but the outcome could have been much worse.

Sorry, no pictures for now, but I do have some fun ones of the kitty to put up soon.