Thursday, March 31, 2011

Grandma & Grandpa

As I mentioned before Grandma Dowling was in the hospital for quite some time.  She spent about 10 days there and she lost a lot of the strength she had left.  She has now moved into Covington Manor on the Rehabilitation side for now.  She is going to do physical therapy for a while and try to get back to being able to do some things for herself.  The therapist sounded very positive and confident that they would be able to push her enough to get some of her strength back.

This last week however, we have run into some new issues.  With all of the excitement going on with Grandma, Grandpa has lost basically all of his short-term memory.  He is forgetting things, how to get to and from places, items he needs to take with him, and just can't keep very good track of what is going on.  Because of this, he is now done driving, and we are working on making arrangements so that he will still be able to go see Grandma and get to the places that he needs to go.  It is hard on him, but he is taking it really well, and he is calling us when he runs into issues, so we have been able to help him.

Please keep Grandma & Grandpa Dowling, and the rest of my family in your prayers. It has been a difficult spring for us.


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